Our Group have 2 factories which is managed by Japanese staffs in China and Indonesia.

(1) Jiangmen Fujitoy Ltd. 江门富士玩具有限公司
FUJITOY is number 1 Slush Toys supplier in Japan founded in 1959, a specialist in all kinds of Roto and Slush Figurines.
(2) Sakura Gift Indonesia
The company's mission is to become the best toy manufacturer in Indonesia that is able to compete in global market. With the vision of producing toys and innovative products with the best quality, we would like to contribute to the society while concerning the environment
We also have 2 modeling companies which have many master grade hand made modelers and equipped with new 3D modeling technologies.
(3) “KIDS” ~ located in Misato City, Saitama, Japan.
Enormous number of Ultraman and Monster’s model have been created here.
(4) “M.I.C.” ~ located in Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
This company has Top Level 3D scanning technology.

Each of these subsidiaries represents an important feature of our company group. They specialize in different areas and play an important role in the product development and manufacturing process, enable us to provide ONE-STOP IN-HOUSE SOLUTIONS to our customers, converting the product ideas into finished products.

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